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  • Ethiopian Alphabet - Geez for Easey On-line Typing by Dr. Aberra Molla - 2010

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    Geez Made Easy, With New Software ግዕዝኤዲት 2.0 GeezEdit 2.0 http://freetyping.geezedit.com

    Ethiopic or Geèz (ግዕዝ) is one of the ancient languages and alphabets. Since 1982 we have been pioneering the computerization of this Ethiopian alphabet and Ethiopian Computers & Software of Colorado has released ModEth, EthioWord, GeezEdit and related software. We have been online in Amharic and English since 1995. If you have used our 1993 EthioEdit or the 1994 GeèzEdit for Windows, we appreciate your loyalty.

    The Ethiopic characters appear as gibberish Latin unless you have one of the Geez fonts. If boxes appear, copy the document and paste it on the page at http://freetyping.geezedit.com. The purpose of this free typing GeezEdit page is for typing in Amharic on the internet without downloading keyboard drivers and fonts on Windows and Mac computers. Amharic characters are rendered with a new and simple patent pending two keystrokes technology.

    If you are interested in typing the more than 563 Ethiopic characters just like English, post and search for Ethiopic documents, you have to buy our new commercial GeezEdit 2 program. It works in numerous Unicode compliant applications in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with no more than two keystrokes per character.

    While you are here enjoy our pages and links to Ethiopia, Ethiopic and other sites.

    GeezEdit 2 (2010)

    To use it click on GeezEdit Online here: http://freetyping.geezedit.com

    ETHIOPIC (g]z)

    The page has a ling to English-Amharic Glossary (anglzo-]mro glSr)


    For the complete information or question on the Software, please contact:
    E-mail: Ethiopian@aol.com or Geezedit@aol.com

    or visit the page: http://www.ethiopic.com/

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