About us

Nesglobal (Network of Scholar) is  a platform for connecting scholars both at home and aboard to achieve research excellence quality learning and effective community service.

Nesglobal is working on…..

  • Enhancing research excellence and high quality research outputs in all Ethiopian universities, 
  • Building inter-university research collaborations in Ethiopia, 
  • Promoting international collaborations in both South-to-South and North-to-South.  


Transforming all Ethiopian higher education institutions to achieve world class distinction by promoting the idea of doing research with actions, and taking actions with research.

Making and enabling the Ethiopian future with education, research, knowledge, imagination, creativity, invention, entrepreneurship, and innovation by focusing on problem, context, project, work and action based and integrated learning, outcome, output and impact.

Promoting indigenous knowledge to sustain research excellence in all Ethiopian universities by tapping the rich Ethiopian  knowledge heritage.


Making the education research and community service of all Ethiopian universities to be fully creative, inventive, innovative and entrepreneurial by graduating high quality skilled and job-creating work force.

Sceintefic  Board members:

Prof. Mammo Muchie

Dr. Ayalew Kassahun 

Dr. Azeb Amha

Declan Kirrane

Dr. Solomon Benor

Prof.Stephen Little

Lemlem Telila

Dr. Rajesh Gopalakrishnan Nair

Dr. Aderajew Waka Wassie

Dr. Rahel Belete
Prof.Ravinder Rena

Dr.Angathevar Baskaran

Prof.Mingfeng Tang

Bruck Tadesse